July 9th Update

Baycrest “Susan” pattern, made in Japan.
On the west wall of the upper booth, bottom of kitchenware display shelves.
Kitchenware display shelves in the upper booth against the northwest wall. A few new items. Note: on bottom shelf are the Baycrest “Susan” pattern dinner plates.
Unopened box of 4 vintage “Disco” collector’s glasses.
Located in the promo glass cabinet in the aisle, east side of the upper booth.
Two framed collectible Alphonese Mucha prints.
Located on the picture wall above the linen rack.
Two summer print long dresses.
Located on the front of the linen rack just as you go into the upper booth.
Three Bloody Mary extra large stemmed glasses (lower centre of picture).
Located beside beer trays on east side of aisle in upper booth