June 4th Update

A wide variety of promotional glass tumblers.
In booth aisle across from the Pyrex case.
Discontinued DENBY England dinnerware pieces.
To the left of the booth entrance.
Note the 4 hand blown glass tumblers in red-orange with a white stripe,
located in the front display case near the cash desk.
A collection of 1930s Avocado Depression Glass pieces.
Also in the front case.
Strawberry Shortcake glasses, canisters and a never-opened Corning Ware teapot from the 1970s. Located in the Pyrex case to the left of the booth entrance.

June 1st Update

Christmas case: Mercury glass ornaments from various countries, ceramic figurines, etc. Case is to the left when you enter the booth.
Men’s collectibles, many related to alcohol. Bottom shelf has older and hard-to-find items. Case is on back wall of booth ahead of entrance.
Pyrex collectibles. Aisle case, to your left when facing the entrance to the booth.
Josef Originals, Goebel, Lladro, Royal Doulton, Len Norris.
Front showcase, top shelf, left side.
Small furniture: lamps, planters, etc.
Interior of booth.

Upstairs booth, May

To the right of the entrance
Looking west from the entrance into booth
White table
Inside booth, looking north