Jun 17th update

Vintage 1930s framed floral prints in original frames signed ‘de Jonge’ in the bottom right hand corner. These blue background prints are harder to find. Sanford de Jonge was a pseudonym used by Robert Atkinson Fox Robert Atkinson Fox was who was one of the most popular and prolific commercial artists of his time who died in 1935.
Located in the upper booth on the pegboard picture wall
Vintage 1940-50s Grindley England Petalware Laburnum dinnerware pieces.
All 3 pieces are located in the upper booth inside the Pyrex display case top shelf on the west side of the aisle
Novelty set of 4 different Owl species with floral designs on their heads
Located in the upper booth inside the display case on the east side of the aisle
Set of 4 textured Finland stemware
Located in the front showcase near the cashier’s desk in the entrance way to the mall